Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mookie Kryptonite

What is it with me and my arch-nemesis, the wednesday night mookie? I had 3 playable hands in the first 50. I finally doubled up to average on hand 55 or so. Again, card dead for a LONG time and we get to the point where I cant just sit around. I raise in MP with 8d5d just to steal and the button and BB call my 3xBB raise. The flop is 753 rainbow and I like this flop. I bet half the pot, the button folds and the BB pushes. I have a Q of .9 going into the hand and now I am down to .5 if I fold. It looks like and over pair, but it could also be an AK bluff. I make the call, because I just dont see have less than a starting stack size after the first break already occurred. He shows his set of 3s and IGHN.

Oh, I KNOW this is a bad call. But I still dont think you can blame me for making it.

I played SIX hands the entire tournament.

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Matt Day said...

Rant2112 here.

"even Raise it up with AA, caller with AT, SPLIT! not my night"

I knocked you out on a race just a few hands later.

You may be interested to hear that I ended up finishing 6th and I got crippled like this:

I have AA in the BB. MP raises. SB goes all in for about my same stack. I call of course. MP folds. SB turns over 88 and sucks out with a straight on the river.

Poker karma I guess. 8)