Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Seven Random Things about Columbo

I have seen some threads, but missed the challenge post. As usual, I'll guess at the mission and wing it. If someone tagged me, I would not necessarily know it. Consider this a preemptive strike.

Seven Random Things about Columbo:

1. I have been strip searched at the border. The story is an actually quite a long one, that I was committed to the written word for a magazine article. I dont plan on typing it again.

2. I have a published, big box board game (Link at right) called "Bootleggers". It's surprisingly good.

3. I was a poser. That's right. I would trek down from suburbia, leaving the confines of my upper middle class home to go to the city and see the Dead Kennedy's.

4. I did stand-up comedy for nearly 10 years. And I got paid to do it. Really. Hello? Is this thing on?

5. I love a good cartoon. Not just the adult stuff either. If its witty and original, I'll watch it. I have an extensive collection of the old Mel Blanc classics.

6. I was once suspended from college for a week for exploiting a backdoor on the mainframe that moved all my jobs to the top of the queue. The queue that I called the "wait of death". I guess that somewhere, in a government warehouse, in an FBI filing cabinet, is my "permanent record" that consists primarily of this list.

7. I don't really believe in luck. Varience, sure. Not luck. "Right place, right time?" No, not really. Just varience.

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