Monday, May 07, 2007

WPBT updates!

Ok, originally we had the Spring Classic penciled in for July. Adjusting
for the June dates, the events come as follows:

MAY - STUD 7 (5/27)
JULY- HORSE (most probably 7/22 or 7/29)

The STUD 7 will be held on May 27th at 9pm EST. (I added the event to the
WPBT calendar biggestron hosts. My apologies for not doing this for event

Byron has been very busy with his new job, but the link on the right takes you right to the standings and is up to date!

NOTE: If you can not attend the spring classic event, there will be a
make-up event on Full Tilt only for players who do not travel to Vegas for
the gathering. This way, you could still gather points if you are unable to
(Note: PLEASE do not sign up for both.)

I will try to schedule them at the same time!

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