Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Theory: low limit and paired boards

Theory: good players make alot of money on paired boards at low limits.


1. Low Limit players put on blinders that the board pairing can negatively affect them. On a board of QQ3, the QJ will ALWAYS pay off the KQ or AQ. Always. (Lots of kicker problems at low limits)

2. Players will bet into made boats and not slow down if they have a straight or flush!

3. Players will call big bets with overcards when heads up, assuming that their opponent is bluffing or has a lesser 2 pair.

4. Players will play any card with an Ace and yet still bet when the ace hits on a dangerous board. (Never mind the kicker issues!)

5. There is no long term +EV to bluffing at the low limits, but there is a +EV to being perceived as loose. Players will continue to repeat the mistakes above over and over again!

Paired boards are fun! BUT, remember. When you bet into a paired board, the resulting information you get from your opponents reaction is LESS accurate. Why? Because he may play back at you THINKING he has the better hand.

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Aquaman said...

I think your #5 is the best tip for a low limit table. You always hear "you can't bluff a bad player", and this is true but as you put simply it's good to make a bad player think you are always bluffing!