Thursday, May 31, 2007

Reckless at the Mookie

Last night I played in the Mookie. I always fare poorly in the Mookie, and I am never sure why. First hand I get JJ on an Ace flop and then another similar hand and I am down to 750 (start with 1500). Its level 1!!

So, I start to TAG my way back. I make it to about 1500, never higher. Now there are like 50 left and I still have about 1500. Once my Q approaches .5, I expond the philosophy of seeking volitility to catch up. And that I did. I would get in drawing situations and instead of pushing to pressure a fold, I would entice the opponent to put my all-in on the come. Or, I would go all-in on any hit flop.

Now there are 32 left (31 get points, 7 cash) and I and in 32nd place. I double up on a flush draw and now am 3rd from last. I go on a mini-rush, push-monkeying my way up the ladder as players were folding pre-flop to my aggr-mania. Despite getting AA,KK and QQ in the BB, all three were folded around to me and I took the dissapointing "walks".

Again, I double up and now climb to the middle of the pack. I continue agression, pushing players off of hands post flop despite having nothing but a gut-shot. Pre-flop, I am re-raising or raising big with any hand I decide to play. I tried really hard to protray a maniac image, but either I would get moved or players who knew me better would not fall for the "image reset".

As the blinds grew, my aggr-steals pushed me as high as 3rd place. Then, I went totally card dead, getting long runs of hands with a duck in them.

Here is the final scenario:
13 players left, 7 cash... I am 8th... blinds are high enough that everyone but the chip leader has an M of 9-11... First into the pot is often an all-in bet, that is not called.

And I get AKo in the BB. Now, with the BB and the antes, 10% of my stack is in already.

QUESTION: Is there ANY situation where you fold this hand???

Question 2: you are psychic and can see your opponents cards... or at least know what you are dealing with.

UTG raise (big pair not AA or KK), Button goes all in. (PAIR not AA or KK)
They both have about the same stack size as you... (they are in 7th and 9th currently) Do you push KNOWING that the UTG will call and it will be JJ vs. 66 vs. your AK???

If I win this hand, I cash... If I lose it, I am out...


Chris said...

This might be the only time I would lay it down, but I just might. As you are 3rd going into the hand, by folding and letting them duke it out, you are near guarantee of cashing. Yes, cashing low, but cashing.

If your goal is to WIN, then you have to call and try to knock them both out, but considering where you were, I would be happy with a cash in this situation.

Hard, difficult.... fold.

Mike Maloney said...

Tough hand. I think from an odds standpoint you push there. You have an opportunity to triple up, and knowing the other two players hands give you an equity of 35%, so it's well withing your range. Even putting your opponents on a reasonable range gives you an equity over 30%. So from that standpoint it makes sense to push.

From a tournament standpoint, I guess it depends on how you want to handle that situation. Do you want to risk your tournament life pushing, knowing you have two other people in the hand, knowing you are less than 50% to win the hand? On one hand, you might triple up, on the other hand, you'll be out if you don't. I don't know that there's a right or wrong answer, I think it just depends on how you would treat that kind of situation.