Tuesday, May 01, 2007

its been quite a week

Where do I start?!

A trip to Silicon Valley on work revealed that my new HQ is a scant 10 minutes from the Bay101 card room. I did NOT get a chance to get there my first visit to San Jose, but I intend to on the next trip. Expect a trip report...

The NFL draft took place this weekend and I am already sick of hearing about Randy Moss. Again. The LIONS continued into year 5 of their 2 year plan to

A: Install the West Coast Office
B: Get two dangerous receivers on the field
C: Be a tough team
D: Win more than 8 lousy games.

They have completely scrapped step A, as it turns out that A and C are not compatible. As for B, it took 4 draft picks to get two receivers. If first you dont succeed, pick again...

After a difficult couple of weeks struggling with weak play and poor finishes, I final tabled the HOY last night. I lost two big hands and was down to 859 chips and was VERY TILT-Y. I pushed three or four times and doubled up twice to get back to 3000 and a stacking stack size. From there, the chips slowly drifted my way as I hid in the wake of the Goat, who was the monster chip leader, two to my left. I played in pots he didn't and rode the wake up to the final table. At the end, it was him and I, and he had a big lead. I closed the gap and then my QQ ran into his AA on a ragged board and it was over. 2nd place. But, a good finish.

IF I really want to improve my game, I will do what HOYAZO does and go back and analyze my hands from last night and see why I did well instead of donk'n. But this morning, I have to get to work and the kids computer is busted and the lawn is not cut (continue infinitim).


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Nice job, Ray. You are creeping and creeping up the Hoy leaderboard with that run last night. Wtg.

Goat said...

Rough deal for you to get queens when you did, man. I think if that didn't happen, you had the edge in our match-up.

Good game, sir.

jhazen said...

I live in San Jose, and played in a couple AIPS events with you last season. If you feel like doing a Columbo meetup next time you're out, feel free to send me an email.

I usually play at Garden City, but I'd be happy to meet you at Bay 101.

-John Hazen

Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

I played at the bay 101 when i was traveling last year, weirdest place ever, at the first break, there was a line for Cookies. Cookies, there are no cookies in poker.

must be a cali thing?