Sunday, May 13, 2007

slow week

Not much to say after quick exits from the WWdN and the Mookie this week, in the latter again running KK into AA on a J high flop. In the WWdN I ran TPTK Jack into QQ. I used to beat myself up over these things, but I have come to realize that when you are starting with 1500 in chips and there are 100 players, ending level 1 at 1600 can only make TJ Cloutier smile. The rest of us are disappointed. I just find it difficult to fold away and over pair or TPTK in the early levels once I have 1/3 of my stack committed. I got away once, but now with 900-1000 chips, you need to be very aggressive. I became a self declared push-monkey and ironically did quite well.

I was running on the treadmill when my jukebox decided to shuffle up this song.

Forgotten songs of the 80s: Peek-a-Boo, Siouxsie & The Banshees. Here is a band that was formed when Sioxsie Sue, William Broad (Billy Idol) and others went to a Sex Pistols concert and realized "anyone can put together a band". Many years later, after a decent but not a financial blockbuster career, they produced this unique and catchy toon for the MTV generation. The song was sung over the instrumental track being played backwards, after the band played the song backwards. The end results is thus forward, but with an eerie not-quite-right feel to it. It only hit #53 at the time of release, but is considered a new wave classic.


Unknown said...

Hey Columbo.

Enjoying your 1 minute mysteries on the Ante up show very much.

I apologize for posting a comment thats completely irrelevant to this post. Just wondered if youd give me a little bit of advice, as im going to London and hoping to play a bit of poker.

Especially im interested in whether you tryed or checked out The Gutshot Club, or did you only play at the Vic?

The gutshot seems really cool, but I guess you can recommend the Vic fully with your results...

Is the dresscode strict at the Vic?

Anyway, hope you can give me a few pointers. Thanks in advance, looking forward to more mysteries.

Kind Regards, Jonas from Denmark

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

I have visited the Gutshot, but not played there. I played at the Vic. Neither are run as well as Vegas card rooms, but the Vic "felt" like a casino and card room. GutShot feels like a speakeasy.

Unknown said...

Thanks! Thats all i needed to hear.
Im looking to play cash games in a casino type environment, as ive got plenty of opportunities to play tournaments in speakeasy type places in copenhagen. The lowest limits in Casino cash games in Denmark are about 8/16 dollar. Too steep for me. So I Guess ill go to the Vic. Thanks again!