Tuesday, May 17, 2005

3 table tourney last night

So this is interesting. I played pretty well last night in a 3 table tournament, taking 4th place. It was interesting for two reasons. The first was how strange the table was. Players who were weak tight made the final table. Why? Because these players had a huge tendancy to pay off hands. They were not calling stations, they just could not get away from hand when they were beat. It was like watching players and seeing yourself the day before.

So I threw away alot of marginal hands, but if I could get into a pot and there were only 1 or 2 opponents, I would fire out at the pot no matter what. I definetly won more than 1 in 3 times, making this move profitable for this tourney.

2nd, At the final table, the big stack did not bully the table, allowing me to manuever into the money. Was not easy. 6 times a short stack got paid off and doubled up. I really had to survuve without falling for "bubble syndrome".

I can't say that I am thrilled with my finish. My play was correct for the table, but the table rewarded tight play. So, my tactics did not get much of a workout, but my strategic views ruled the day. (well, if by rule you mean 4th).

p.s. I also avoided a temptation to limp with 7c4c. I would have made the losing flush...

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