Wednesday, May 18, 2005

noble poker

Decided to try out this site as my local poker group may host private tournaments here. We have a trial run tonight. So, after my initial deposit, I decided to play what was a new experience: 6 seat SnG for $1. Pays 2 places only. What a donkey fest. I felt like Helluth at the $1/$2 table (JOPKE!) . I start on the button. I fold the first hand. By the time I am on the button again, I have played ZERO hands, and TWO players are out. WHAT? Second orbit, another player out and its down to three. And the 3rd player is the short stack! Just as I think he is going out, I start to get suspicious. He doubles up on what is basically 2 random cards vs. two random cards. Now I am the short stack. The big stack puts us allin on any hand he plays now. Good. But the other player has slowed down either because he notices I am now the shortest stack, or he told his pal to back off. No matter. I get 77 and after a raise he puts me all in. I call. He has K8o. He flops a king and I finsh with no money. Ugh.

Second $1 table was much more realistic, where I got to maneuver around and bet 1/2 pots after the flop. BUT, people liked to play dog draws. We play a bit too long and now the blinds are climbing up and again I get 77. I raise in position and get TWO callers. The flop is A Q 6 and they check. I bet and get one caller. The turn is another blank and he checks. This is an obvious draw and I go all in. He calls with KJ. Now he has 10 outs. Which has got to be a fantasy come true for him because he did not call this based on putting me on a small pocket pair. He thinks he is behind the ace and yet STILL calls what he thinks is a 4 outer. Well, the river is a TEN and I am out. Wow. JOPKE. There are not even implied odds here because if he hits his hand, there is no more money to win. No, he risked his entire stack on what was in effect a 4 out straight draw.

Well, I can't help thinking I analyzed it right and would make the same play everytime based on such an accurate read. But man, will I ever play a $1 table again?

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