Monday, May 09, 2005

post LAG musings

start with $1500 in chips. down to $750. Up to $3000. Down to $750. up to $2200. Down, up, down, up. Field of 27, made it to the final table then ironically was knocked out on a bad - beat runner runner 3 high flush. Funny, when you are a LAG, your big hands always got called. But you could never bluff. The opposite of how I usually play. This was interesting too. You HAD to be able to get away from things after the flop. I got so caught up in the loose thing, that I called a guy with 2 overs! When HE went all in! Who in there right mind does that when it was obvious that if was betting into the LAG, he WANTED to get called. (he had TP).
It was like Mr. Toad's wild ride. Only bumpier.

so, what did I learn. Other that lord loves a working man, dont trust baby pair, and see a doctor and get rid of it? Well, that I can loosen up pre-flop in spurts, If I play ├╝ber tight, then I miss out on some opportunities, and people hate playing against a LAG

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