Thursday, May 05, 2005

Frustrating myself again

I continue to lose my attention to detail lately (and my bankroll). It is not enough to just get in there and play hands. I lost money last night at the $.10/.25 table. Are you kidding me? I lost onoe big hand and that sort of shocked me awake. I won more than 1/2 of it back, but still.

I am going to put together a checklist of what I need to do to play poker like a non-feeb.

1. Be in the mood to play poker
2. not have something else I am trying to do at the same time.
3. Take NOTES to spot tendancies
4. Remind myself constantly that just because there are alot of pre-plop players, the gap concept standard still exists. Who wants to be the third best hand after the flop with KQs?
5. I keep winning 5 small pots, and then escaping on the 6th. total profit? zero. Need to work on figuring this out.

Looks like I am going to miss the next blogger tournament. What a bummer.

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