Friday, May 20, 2005

I propose a process (its a draft)

I am now making the assumption that the next step, from being mearly competent to play, to actually being a winning player, is not in the Hellmuth DVD videos, readying tells like Caro, or even play mathmatically correct. No, those can take you to various levels of competency. No, I want to be GOOD. Real Good. So here is what we call in the IT world, "a little gap analysis".

To be gooder (sic), I need to be executing a process. Phil Gordon calls it his "script". Here is going to be my first draft:

Pre-flop: Do I even CONSIDER this hand here? (we all know the factors that are relevant here. table image, table landscape (is the table tight or loose), Sun Zhu stuff, starting hand matrix, position, stack size, gap theory, blind size, ring vs tournament, players at table, za-za-zodiac sign, and the relative strength of the players.)

If I do play here, what am I hoping to flop? (It is amazing that we don't spend more time on this question.) If you can't answer this, FOLD. THIS IS MY NEW RULE pre-flop.

Is there an advantage to raising my way in the pot. (despite amateur comments, the answer is NOT always Yes. Think about 55. Could that hand stand a re-raise?)

Post Flop
Do I owe it to myself to make a continuation bet* (read harrington), and if it is, will I get the chance?

Am I playing a pot against limpers or "holdings" (players holding decent starting hands)?

A flop will help a player 1/3 times (not scientific). So does the flop help anyone else and is it coordinated or uncoordinated?

Do I need to "see where I am at" or do I know where I am at.

If I am drawing, how to disguise the fact. If he is drawing, did I discover it in time to make him pay?

If he calls, can I put him on a hand? What can he call with?

reacting to a ReRaise
Why did he re-reraise here? What does he think it accomplishes?

If he is still drawing, can I take down the pot right here?

Do I think I am ahead? Did I put him on a hand? Did the turn help him?

Does it look like the turn could have helped me in his eyes?

If I bet, am I going to get raised? If I check, will he play the pot away from me?

If he CALLS here, do we assume in this case he is on a draw or mid pair?

Do I think I am ahead?
Am I making a value bet, risk/reward bet, or crying call?

What information did this player give me that I need to record in notes?


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