Tuesday, May 31, 2005


This weekend I went camping with the family. Now, I don’t like camping, but I made sure that my daughter, who loves fishing, got to go fishing. I was joking with her that we would never catch anything off a dock of a lake where so could only cast into water 3 feet deep. But at age 8, she is undeterred and shows me up by catching a fish. It was about 5 inches long Whilst she goes to get the bucket that I told her we did not need, the fish gets away. She is not even that upset. She just goes right back to fishing. (and the conditions as it turns out are perfect. It is overcast and rain is lightly falling.) I figure she might catch another one of the small fish lurking close to shore. Suddenly she catches a 12 inch bass.

It did not even fit in the stupid bucket. And she caught it with a Barbie fishing pole. She insisted on cooking it and so a neighbor cleaned it while she watched. Mom dipped it in flower and egg and I threw it on the grill with the burgers. She ate the whole thing. I must be thinking about poker too much because she reminded me of the loose aggressive player that builds stacks in a tournament. Ignoring the odds, playing with marginal cards, and landing a big one to make it all pay off. Never has a cliché been so clearly stated at such an appropriate time. Sticking with the analogy, NL is a game of trapping. Beware the 8 year old who hits a big hand.

Its a big bucket too.

I finally figured out posting with a photo...

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