Sunday, May 08, 2005

mission impossible

Mission: Be a Loose Agressive (LAG) player for a couple of days to walk in their shoes.

The Rules: must raise pre-flop at least once for every 5 hands. must reraise a bet with any of the following: At-Ak, pocket pair, or suited connector 87 and up. in the blinds, call with the raise with the premium holding, but bet POT after the flpo regardless.

Sunday : Tried this in a SnG. (not a good idea?)first hand, raised from early 3xBB and get called by 2 players, Q22 flop, bet pot and MP called, resigned the hand at this point. check and all-in from mid pos. my hand was J7o so I fold. lost about a 1/3 of my stack.

BB with Q2o now. 4 limpers and I just check my way in. flop is 774 and I bet POT. Get a caller and now I am in trouble? Check on the turn and so does he. the river is an over card and a third diamond so I bet $250 into the pot and he calls with A4 for bottom two pair. (This just is not working at all. based on the check on the turn and the river of an overcard and diamond, this is a loose call by him, isnt it?) I made a note about his play on this hand in my notes tab.
I have about a third of my chips left. limp from the button with T9o. flop is KcQc4d and the BB bets almost pot and 3 call. I have a belly buster but fold. The Jc comes ont he turn and I would have gotten the straight. I am horrible at this!

Raise 3xBB from the cutoff with KJo vs limpers. 3 callers. post flop (2c2d3c) they all start betting so I fold. MP ends up all-in on the turn of 9h.

25% of my stack remains. I figure to get action on any hand I play now. Fold T2s, T5o, 23o. During this time, I am seeing the others play non-premium cards (like Axo). Not LAG, but more amateurish hands. I have to assume at this point, that LAGs do better in big field tournaments where players are tighter and trying to play decently.

well, now its time based on the rules and I all-in from late pos with K9s. I get no callers. Fold 95o, 23o from UTG. Get 8To in the BB but UTG and left of him call, plus a raise from MID (from the A4o guy). Fold BB. Am I doing this right?

SB T4o (is there an end to this?! K9s was my best hand so far!) with only 450 chips left, I do not call the blinds for $75 more. A4o guy is playing the LAG with $3000 in chips now. Fold T6o on the button to a big raise. Fold K6s. Looking for an all-in hand again. A5s, but hardly premium. I go all in anyways since its been 5 hands. 2 callers! AK8 flop and I think trouble but I split with A7o. These guys are not good enough to do this against? They are very foolish?

Fold 39o (lord help me). Fold 73s. Note that despite this silly play table, no one is knocked out yet?! I am the ss and seemingly the only one who understands the GAP concept. Pheh. fold 97o from early pos. (I have yet to have a raise qualifying hand.)

fold K5s from early. 5th hand coming and its UtG. I get 63o. I decide to fold it one more rather than all-in on that. The SB goes all-in when its foldede to him and BB calls with T5o. SB had J5o and wins?!

BB with Q5s. Rules state I must be all-in if there are no raises.2 limpers so I do it. Call from AKo that hits the Ace on the flop. finished 9/10. This sucks. Still, not a single elligable hand for raising. Maybe I should try it again...

I got to a bigger SnG in the hopes of better play.Raise 3xBB with AQs UtG. Get a caller from MP and BB. I am to bet POT on any flop, so I do after BB checks from of 235 rainbow. They fold.

T8o in the BB. some early guy raises but only a min raise, so I call. with 3 others I might add. flop is 9J6 (2 hearts) so I bet pot on the straight draw and get re-raised all-in. I call the obvious top pair and hit the straight on the river. He made the obligatory sarcatic "nice catch" comment, but I really dont see that he can be that upset. It was an easy call to justify at that point. I was a 2-1 dog and getting 2.5 to 1 on my call.

I get 99 in the SB and Late raises just the min. The button and SB call. I bet pot. 3 players see the flop of Q67 rainbow and I bet pot. The SB had a Queen (Qto) and takes the pot.

Fold, Fold, Fold, fold, raise 2xBB with J3o. No callers. still not a single pocket pair, AT-AKs or even a suited connector!FOLD, fold, BB with J7o. get to limp with MP and SB. Flop is K92 and the SB bets! so I fold.

KQo in the SB and I should raise if I get the chance. But MP does it 4xBB, so I call. flpo is T45 rainbow and I think I am stuck. I check, but so do the others. SO I must bet on the turn? the turn is a 9, and I bet big. I get reraised all-in and fold with Nothing.

Fold 92o on the button, and watch Axo split with another Axo. Me, I fold A6o to a raise from my right. Fold 72o. someone else goes all in to win a pot with 30 chips in it (the blinds)? what is that? Fold A2o. everyone folds to the BB. time to bet? I am Utg but get J3o again. fold. I'll have to play my blind. Its 69o! bet pot on flop of AA9 and get called. I end up folding to the player on my left when he puts in the big river bet. Again. He is trying to trap me based on my image everytime.

I get 55 against 3 limpers and bet pot raise. I get 2 callers and the flop is 238. I go all in and get TWO callers with JUST OVERCARDS. Against 2 of them I am probably a big dog, but two more little cards come. The guy with ATs is now out. He called with no draw, just 2 overs (they both did). My image must be looser than I thought!

KK knocks out AJo and we are down to 5. I have folded the last 3 hands. I am also the chip leader. 9T now knocks out KQ and there are 4 left. I reraise a better with and open straight draw on an all diamond board, but he calls and goes all in when the 4th diamond falls. I fold.
Once again, someone waits to trap me with an all-in bet when I make a move at a pot. This is getting pretty consistent now. I have to fold to the all-in since I have nothing.

There are 4 left and I am the short stack now. blinds are still 25/25 though. limp with 98o in the BB. 245. Call min bet from SB. 8 and call min bet from SB. Ten and lose to T6o also calling min bets. I blew this one, right?

Down to tiny chip stack and need to go all-in for my BB. What do I get? K2o. The button puts me all in and I have to call. The SB calls too. I am out.

This was an interesting exercise, but did not seem to accomplish what I set out to. I will try this next in a tournament.

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