Thursday, May 26, 2005

I have precious little to say... except FRUSTRATED!!

THOUGHT I was playing pretty good. As I slowly accumulated chips though, I watch these maniacs win huge pots when their stupid 85o hits the jackpot. Am I wrong to not want to see a flop with AJo or 99 and raise the flopsters out pre-flop? Am I wrong to fold marginal hands and watch the flopsters (players who desperately need to see a flop to see if they hit the lotto) go at it while I play solid poker? And then, after a flopster hits yet another 69o straight, I have to watch my JJ get re-raised by what turns out to be KK.

My record last night: Pots won - LOTS. Most never got to a showdown. When one did, it was a Sheriff that for some inexplicable reason HAD to see my two pair with Ace high. And HE was the better, I just let him hand himself.

Losses - Few but brutal. JJ loses a good cash pot to AA on a flop of 67K.
JJ loses a big pot to KK again.
TT raises to 3xBB and loses to 22 on a flop of 237.

And here is the funny part. In all these hands, I make great laydowns. Not one of these hands broke me.

So, because of the escape hatch, I am 8/30 but on the short stack. The blinds are high, and the money starts at 6. The 3 players in ahead of me barely have twice my chips and are vulnerable. And here we go again. 67 in the BB and the ultra-loose player limps. The SB limps. I am unsuited and one hand away from elimination, so I check. The flop is 967. The SB bets! He has TP. I go all-in. The flopster folds and the SB calls. He has TP and a gutshot with 98. I don't have to tell you what the river was. Just that he had 11 outs and it was one of them.

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