Wednesday, May 11, 2005

tonghts train wreck highlights

Early on, the table is short handed, a bit loose and playing a lot of hands. I make the tightening up adjustments. I get AJo in late position, but just call the 2xBB raise in round one. I escape when the raiser hit a set of 8s.

Bleeding, bleeding, and then raise with KhTh from late position to 3xBB. Get two callers. Flop a flush draw and put in a 1/2 pot sized bet. He calls. Hmmm, the turn give me a straight draw also. He checks and I take the free card I paid for here. The turn is a blank and he takes it down with a set of 2s (which he had on the flop) . I figure I am lucky I even got the free card and that was a mistake on his part.

Now I am at 60% of my original stack and limp from the blind with 7cTc. A flush draw on the flop, so I bet out and get called by the SB. The turn comes a club and the SB bets out 20. Cant call here. With the blinds going up (its now round three) and folding here would leave me with just 49 chips. I am prettty sure he has the flush, but does he have the Ac or the Jc? (The KcQc are on the board). I go all in (19 more so I know he is going to call if he has just the Ac) and he flips over Jc5c and I am out.

What a wreck of a night. Just how lost am I?

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