Tuesday, May 10, 2005

am I an idiot (revisited)

Full ring table .10/.25 stakes. Fold to me in MP with QQ. I raise to $1. two players to my left call. The BB raises $5 more. now this is getting interesting. he has a hand good enough to try to take the $3 right now. A bold move, but something I may expect from a AK here. I call and the other two fold. The flop is 68T all hearts. I have the Queen of hearts so I am sitting here with an over pair and a flush draw. He goes all in. Now What could he have here and what is the correct play?

I figure him for either AK with a heart, or also an over pair with a heart. Maybe JJ?

Turns out he had KK with the King of hearts. The flush falls on the turn and I lose my entire table stake on the first hand.

What was the correct play?

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