Monday, July 11, 2005

Sunday's simpleton blunder

I should know better.. and I do. But sometimes you take a chance because you are folding soooo much.

1 table SnG, one player out.
50/100 (Limit) -- Seat 9 is the button
Seat 1: shep0987 (1095)
Seat 2: worthy777 (615) Not terrible, but have not taken a hand YET.
Seat 3: ScottyMU (1030)
Seat 4: fiskers712 (735)
Seat 5: TSully420 (570)
Seat 6: CadillacManC (1760)
Seat 7: softdraw2 (760)
Seat 9: nicks054 (475)
Seat 10: boo10111 (960)
boo10111 posts small blind (25)
shep0987 posts big blind (50)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to worthy777 [ Jh, Ts ]
worthy777 calls (50) Dangerous risk to assume I’ll get 4 callers and no raise from UTG. But I did it, so there. Figured I’d do it for deception value. But that argument does not hold water unless I raised. If I made a mistake in this hand, it was right here. You don’t want to play a drawing hand out of position in NL when your at a final table (or single table SnG).
ScottyMU folds.
fiskers712 calls (50)
TSully420 folds.
CadillacManC folds.
softdraw2 folds.
nicks054 folds.
boo10111 raises (75) to 100 See?
shep0987 calls (50)
worthy777 calls (50) Well, I am getting the right odds to call… now.
fiskers712 calls (50)
$350 pot
** Dealing Flop ** : [ Qd, Kh, Jd ] Bottom pair and a st8 draw.
boo10111 bets (50)
shep0987 calls (50)
worthy777 raises (100) to 100 lets see if anyone has two pair or a bad kicker.
fiskers712 folds.
boo10111 raises (100) to 150 Well, I have AK (or so I assume)
shep0987 folds.
worthy777 raises (100) to 200 Are you sure I did not flop something better than TPTK?
boo10111 calls (50) ok, lets see the turn then.
$850 pot
** Dealing Turn ** : [ 4h ] ROCK.
boo10111 bets (100) I am not afraid
worthy777 calls (100) I am calling on odds only. (9.5 to 1)
** Dealing River ** : [ Qc ] Two pair, not bad. Beats TPTK.
boo10111 bets (100)
worthy777 calls (100) again, call the single river bet in limit.
** Summary **
Main Pot: 1250
Board: [ Qd Kh Jd 4h Qc ]
shep0987 balance 945, lost 150 (folded)
worthy777 balance 115, lost 500 [ Jh Ts ] [ two pairs, queens and jacks -- Kh,Qd,Qc,Jh,Jd ]
boo10111 balance 1710, bet 500, collected 1250, net +750 [ Ac Ad ] [ two pairs, aces and queens -- Ac,Ad,Kh,Qd,Qc ]
OUCH That read of AK instead of AA did not really cost me anything because I called down the two bets on the turn and river. What cost me a lot was playing that hand in the first place.



Acesfull said...

Hey dude I have a question for ya as I feel like I blundered also last night… Would you lay this one down pre flop or post flop…(sorry I have to do this by memory as I don’t have the hand with me). 30 person 3 table tourney, $10 buy in, and 3rd or 4th hand into the tourney, no big stacks. I have yet to play a hand so I still have my starting chip count of TC1,000 when I am in the BB with KcQc. 5 Limpers when the button raised it to TC150 (10x BB). This strong pre flop raise in LP with tons of limpers says to me he has a medium PP (77-JJ) with a possible AK or AQ and MAYBE QQ-AA but with little to no reads I am leaning towards a medium PP. It seemed to me like a type of raise to win the pot right there. I decide to call, again I don’t like my move here but it is what I did. Guy in MP calls also. Flop come 8c, 5c, 2c. I check wanting to trap, MP Checks, and initial raiser goes ALL IN (not quiet putting me all in). Now, the only hand I am behind is Axc and I stongly feel the button has a PP (maybe Trips)and MP's check tells me he is afraid of the flush so I go all in. MP caller also goes all in. Hands where:
• ME KcQc
• MP Ac9c
• Button 8d8s

Turn nor river help either of us and MP takes it. My question is what would you have done pre-flop, was my post flop analysis faulty, what would you have done??

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

funny you should ask this considering that the last THREE times I have had the non-nut flush I lost to a bigger flush. And then just a day ago, I lost when my flush ran into a flopped boat.

Personally, I rarely call a bet in the first rotation without a monster. I EXPECT a big 10xBB raise from any AKo in the first rotation as many players over value it or play it against too many opponents. So, I might not make this pre-flop call (honest and for true).

But after the flop, you only have to fear AcXc and you can't be worried about monsters in the dark. Having said that, I lost this exact same hand 3 months ago. I assumed he had the Ac, so I waited for the turn to be a non club before ramming my chips in. He Had Ac8c. After the flop, I would have done pretty much the same as you did.