Thursday, April 14, 2005

Cold Decks

Ok, here is the most depresssing thing about poker. I sit down in a tournament of 45 players. I am one of the better players, but still have to work. You start with 100 chips and the blinds are agressive after the first hour. So, I get 99 early and someone calls my big bets to the river and shows a missed st8 draw. So now I have 150 chips. Is it even POSSIBLE that I will never see a playable hand again? You tell me. I folded endless T4o, T4s, 82o, 62c,etc. I even tried to play the hammer on a bluff and even before the flop was raised and reraised. I folded. I had AT (my best hand ALL NIGHT) 3 times (each time in the SB) and by the time it got around to me a player was all-in. Can't call all-in with AT! (At least 1 of the times they saw a flop and I was the THIRD best hand). Everytime I tried to make a move to steal, there was someone with a big raise. I watched to see what WOULD have happened with each hand had I staying in and only ONE all night would have even HIT the flop (62c would have hit a st8 on a flop of 345, but a 2 came on the turn so its possible the raiser on the river had 67s).

I folded my way down to 53 chips and finally with my BB being next, decided to make my final stand with the second best hand I had all night KTo. Got broken by pocket ducks when the flip tripped him. Am I just making excuses? Don't we "have to make our own luck"? Are there times where that just is NOT going to happen? And the next day, do I have to be so depressed about it?

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