Monday, April 25, 2005

The dealer giveth...

Played in a PSO tournament with 75 players. After the first break I was at 8000 chips and the average was 4000. I did it with solid play, and a great call when a bluffer tried to push me off of a flush draw and middle pair with his bottom pair. I normally would have folded, but I calculated the pot odds including the reraise and I had to make the call. I got the flush and a nice chip stack.

The only hand that killed me was when a guy with 77 called my flop bet when I hit an ace. The turn was a 7h and now there were FOUR hearts on the board, but he still called my turn bet. I knew he was not going away, so I was afraid to go all in on the river because I had no heart (in my hand).

Then someone went all in for $2500 and I called with AKs. He flipped 8c9c and the flop had 2 clubs! But the AK held up and I was sitting pretty closing on the chip leader.

...and the dealer taketh away...

First the short stack with only 2k in chips goes all in and I have 12k in chips and KT. I call and he flips over 22. I hit a K and he hits a set on the turn.

My JJ then runs into QQ and another short stack doubles up through me.

Next my AJs runs into AQs and suddenly I am not only the ss, but practically out. All in the course of about 20 minutes.

I thought I had played well, but doubling up the QQ with my JJ crushed me. Am I an idiot?

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