Sunday, April 24, 2005

Under, Over, Sideways, Down...

Backwards, Forwards, Square and round.
When will it end? When will it end? Hey.... Hey.... Hey... (the yardbirds for you young ones)

I get AA and catch KK overbetting and get him all in and I lose AGAIN. Tell me, and I WRONG to try and get KK all-in with AA?!? I am 0 for 2 here.

Players in ring games hitting every conceivable river, sometimes chasing with just an over card! Everyone can draw out on me. Then, when *I* have a st8 AND a flush draw, I miss both.

Just dont put me in a ring game, ever. Quad 4's? NO action. NONE.

At least my 99 held up aginst A4o. A4o?!?!?! Are you kidding me?

Low Limit Ring game secret? You can make any size bet on the flop (even tiny) and if they are calling, they are drawing. If you are not drawing to a bigger hand than TPTK, expect the others to chase you to the river. and if your TPTK is trumpable, expect someone to chase with with two overs. Ugh.

Funest game this weekend was the blogger tourney. I outlasted some big names, but got no where near a good finsh. Why? Because I was playing timid after a flop, especially with mid pair. I broke out of it by looking for places to punish Post Flop Raisers, sometimes with nothing (like they were doing to me). But when dealt the hammer, I did not understand how to properly bluff with it. I was short stacked, so I raised all-in with it against a single opponent in late position that made a 3xBB raise. I smelled steal, but in reality it was AQs. I could have just reraised and after the flop bet out if no ace fell. I'll learn. The hammer is a hard hand to play well. Still, I went down in a gloriously bright fireball of self immolation. Sort of like Poker seppuku.

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