Monday, April 18, 2005

I have a question!!!

Ok, since there would have to be people READING this for the question to get answered, I have to assume I am asking myself (ala some sort of dream sequence).

Is it possible to just play well and win a tournanment? I just don't believe that is enough anymore. I think that at least one point in the tournament a set of circumstances has to come your way to allow you to get past the "average stack size". Then you have options and margins for error. If you get halfway in the tournament and are still average stack size or slightly below, you have to "make a move". Why? because you are LOSING GROUND towards a money finish. Now you have to take more chances with draws and push harder after a flop. It isn't enough to play aggressive, you have to double up enough to stay ahead of the "average".

Am I right here? Anyone?

Two tournamnets last night, in both I was playing well but eventually got to a point where I had to win a race. I lost them all. Can you win a tournament without winning some races? I am guessing that you can't. Certainly, I would hope that its not true. If its not true, then my game is putting my in a bad position over the long haul.

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