Monday, April 04, 2005

No foldém SnG

Went to a guys house last night for back to back Sngs. $20 buy-in, 10 players (mostly beginners). Normally I wouold crush this game. In the first game, I had a flush draw on the flop vs. TWO players with TPTK. Had I hit the flush, I am SURE I would have busted them both as they were not even looking for it. I did not get it. Then, a player who raises with every Ace makes his normal raise and I come back at him with TT. He calls all-in with QQ. I end up limping into 3rd (no easy feat). I faired worse the second game where after winning a big hand early, the turbo blind schedule was killing me. I just could not get a starting hand without a 2 or a 3 in it. 4 and 5 players seeing a flop. One guy raises 10xBB and gets 2 callers! I lay down a hand when a guy with a distinct pattern plays back at my TP. Other than that, I literally folded myself to death. When we got down to 6 players, I was the short stack and my AJ all-in was called by a K3 suited (he plays any 2 suits cards) and of course I was out.

My question is, "How harsh should I be on myself for this performance"? I would have loved to push these guys around, but there is no much you can do with 52o. T3o was a typical hand. Am I just making excuses? I need to do some sole-searching.

I played 2 SnG saturday morning at PS ($5, 2 table) and did not cash in either. Maybe I have starting doing something seriously wrong?

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