Monday, April 11, 2005

logic or reckless

Logical or Reckless tilt?
IBM presents "You Make the Call!"

I am in a 2/4 ring game NL. I sat down with 20 Big Bets. I am playing pretty solid at a short table and have turned my $80 into $120.

Suddenly, the table fills to 9 players.
I raise to $14 with KQs and get SIX callers. WHAT? Ok, when I miss the flop I should be done. But I make a continuation bet and everyone is calling. Now I am done with the hand. I am upset as I feel the table is now loose and reckless. That and I lost the $40 I had made with a continuation bet (vs. SIX?) after the flop. STOOPID.

The VERY next hand I get QQ. I figure that no matter what I bet I am going to get callers. SO, sinceI have $79 in front of me and I am cheesed off, I go all in. I figure I wont actually get any callers and I have waisted the wild things, but I was angry. Hazzah! Not one, but TWO callers. One has Ax, the other hand I never see as he logs off after a flop of Q99. TJ filled the board, but I cared little at that point. After that, I took my money and left.

Logical or Reckless tilt?


ChaseNFold said...

How much did you win on the hand ? James G in NC. "Hero" from last weeks episode of Card Club on Lord Admiral Radio.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

Ah, Hello there. Lets see, I had $79, the first caller was all-in with about $30 and the second guy had me covered, so it was about $110.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

wow, I just realized that someone is reading this!!! "May god have mercy on your sole (sic)".

BuellBoarder said...

Yes, Someone IS actually reading this...

I vote Logical.

Give me your vote on this situation:

About 15 minutes into a live $40 Freeze-out tourney with 97 players (Alladin Casino, Vegas). 1500 starting chips 25/50 blinds. You're in the BB with AQo and 1200 chips remaining. Two limpers + a call from the SB, so you make it 200. The two limpers call and the SB folds, Pot = 650
Flop comes Q,9,4 three suits.
First limper goes all in, and the other folds. His all-in covers your 1000 remaining chips.

What do you do?

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

I am finding that many players are looking to double up quickly or grab chips by making weak tight players laydown hands. As much as I would hate myself for doing it, I would call the bet and expect to see Q9 (bad) or KQ/QJ (good). If its KQ or QJ, EXPECT to get sucked out on too. But you MUST build chips to play a tournament, so I make this call.

btw, 2 weeks ago I would have said "fold".

BuellBoarder said...

Thank You Suammi-
As it turned out, I folded, expecting ato see a lucky hit with Q9. He flipped over his KQ, to show the table he had the best hand after all. I didn't let him know he was mistaken.

I finished 7th/97 that day, when my KK all-in lost to a call by Q4o...