Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Get back Jojo

Get back. Get Back. Get back to where you once belong. -NASA

I'll tell you what's bothering me lately, players re-raising me on my post flop bet.

Now, let me tell you what I am doing poorly lately. Playing tight. Its just that simple. I was so busy "working on my game" that I was playing TOO MANY HANDS. Too many tough decisions after the flop. I am used to playing SnG games and have discovered, not surprisingly I guess, that you can not be as agressive in a ring game without knowing EXACTLY where you are. Or atleast that is my thinking today...

Just a quick pimp. For those of you like myself who are not going to Vegas in June, the Lord Admiral podcast is excellent and is covering the tournament via their audio correspondents.

Don't know what a podcast is? Man, that is so 2004. Get off the fricking computer couch and get into the new year, it's April already. Google up podcast, get a client, hook up the mp3 player and get your first podcast that does not have Adam Curry in it at or their web page at (do not be put off by the bad photo of a young guy in his grandmothers sunglasses, its an excellent poker program)

Also, Wil Weaton (remember me) backdoored his way into a recent WPT and is a big blogger. You may want to google that up too. Or use this link


Sean said...

Hey, thank-you for the props. I think it is time we took Jimmy the Man off the main page - he is scaring the children.

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