Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Game Show

And now welcome to pakerwannabe's latest game show, "What do I hold?!" I am your host, "not so stoopid".

Our contests today are a schoolteacher in the BB, our hero (with secret identity) in mid position and our challenger, straight from the streets of Moroco, the Cutoff.

Ok contests (who are at a full ring, btw), It's time to play...

"What do I have?!"

As a reminder, we are a full ring, I am in mid position, and all the players have about 80 BB in front of them.

It's folded to me. I make a raise 3xBB. (4 Big Bets in pot)

The Cutoff calls and so does the BB (12 BB in pot)

The flop comes AsQcJc (two clubs)

The BB checks. I bet out a pot sized bet. (now 24 in pot)
The cutoff, after glancing over at the BB, raises the size of the pot (over the top) 24 more BB.

The BB folds and I call. The turn is a 2d (in effect a blank) and I go for my chips (I have 80-39=41 BB left). I go all-in.

The cutoff looks confused and worried and goes into the think tank. He replays the hand in his mind as he stares at the sky.

Q1: What cards does he put me on?

Q2: What does he do then if he has :

a: Kd9d?
b: Qd9d?
c: AhQd?
d: Ac9h?
e: 5c6c? (this is a gimme. if he was playing a draw and missed, he can't call an all-in with 56).

Q3: which of these is the cutoff playing here?


BuellBoarder said...

Ok, I'll play...

Q1)I (Moracco Jake) conclude:
-After the flop you bet out too many chips to hold KT for the made straight (70% confidence in that)..
-After your call of my re-raise you have either AQ or AJ, possibly JJ (now that other 30% comes back to mind)...

Q2) I call with the AQ, fold all of the other listed options.

Q3) I've got to guess at the Ac9h. That makes the most sense considering both his flop re-raise (top pair, decent kicker, backdoor nut draw), and his quandry after your Turn all-in.

columbo (at eifco dot org) said...

Note: Both players think they are ahead in the hand on teh flop and the turn.

Q1: Yes

Q2: Yes

Q3: (although its really AT, I did not list that as a possible)

If the river is a T, and the hero checks, what should the cutoff do?