Thursday, April 07, 2005

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar...

Played in a “new member satellite” last night. Since Motown poker club folded, there has been increased interest in MetroPokerClub. This is a very different club which is a full non-profit that only awards trips to majors for prizes. Anyways, you need to win a satellite to be a member. I figured I would try it once and see what the club was like. The cost was steep to join this way, but I liked my chances. After about an hour playing at the tight weak table, I had accumulated enough chips to have the lead. I was looking for a good trap opportunity and one came where I got action. The pocket aces came in the SB and the button raises to 2xBB. I smooth called and the BB (an elderly lady who often got into trouble post flop) raised 5xBB. I had a good feeling I was against pocket pairs so after the button calls, I call. The flop is a FANTASTIC TT6. I check and the BB lady again makes it 5 big bets. The button folds and I go all in. She calls excitedly with her KK and I show her the AA. Wonderful, right? -She rivers a King and I am crippled.

I spend the next 90 minutes playing back to almost back to an average stack. I won every hand I played save one. For an hour I dominated the table. But the tournament pays FIRST PLACE ONLY. So, I still need to look for a double through opportunity. I have KK and a short stack of no significant stack size goes all-in (2.5xBB). The button CALLS. I am still to act, and I want him to pay for his Ax mistake here. So I come over the top all in. He calls (we were about even in chips) with A6o. (The short stack had TT). Not only does an Ace flop, but a T flops (just to rub it in). The river is ANOTHER ace and I am out.

Still, I played very good poker the entire night and made some great moves at pots. Most of them were well timed and worked perfectly. It was hard thinking you were the best player, playing at a high level, and just getting sucked out of the tournament. I went home and watched the Aruba WPT and witnessed Mike the Mouth suck out on Flack on the exact same cards. Creepy.

Sometimes playing well just doesn't do it.

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