Friday, April 15, 2005


REVERSE TILT! That's what I call it when I play stoopid out of frustration. I was in a tournament with rebuys the first two rounds. I play maybe 3 hands. At the break I am at 6500 out of a starting 10k. What is wrong with me? I play tight during the first two rounds of a rebuy? Can I be any more tight lame weak suck-job?

Break There is now an add-on, so I have $16k and the avg is $20k. I am not in any trouble, but I am frustrated that I played 3 hands in an hour and they all sucked. No a SINGLE pocket pair , my best was A8o. How is that EVEN POSSIBLE? the only hand I would have hit is my new curse, 62. Everytime I fold it, it hits. CURSE I TELL YOU.

So, now there are NO rebuys and I figure the tables will tighten up. So, one player starts raising 3 hands in a row. This time its 3xBB and I am in the BB with AQo. SO, I get frustrated and figure that no one would call and all-in at thi point. WHAT?! I actually go all-in on AQo? What kind of idiot does that. I was SOOO sure I would get no callers. Well the raiser had QQ and he calls without even thinking about it?! I dont think I would have called the entire tournament that early on QQ. I did not get and ace and I am the first one out. In retrospect, I raised all-in on the LOOSEST player at the table, trying to take control. But I should have known. I could not hit the floor with my feet right now.

What burns me is that I did this before! I need to go to dicipline school where the queen of hearts hits me with a ruler until I learn to fold for hours on end. Hours and hours of folding. Until my knuckles are bleeding. While "king of pain"by the police plays on loop in the background. The Muzac version no less.

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